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Agency makes first hire in innovative program designed for talent without college degrees

Minneapolis, MN – The Stable has made the first hire within its #NoCollegeNoWorries program. Beginning last October, the Minneapolis-based commerce agency put out a call encouraging individuals unable to attend college to apply for a life-changing opportunity to gain full-time employment and to learn business from the inside. After receiving more than 500 video resume submissions, Grace Slaubaugh joined The Stable on March 7th as its first Executive Apprentice.

Over the next 15 months, Grace will work across all departments of the agency, from retail to marketing. Equipped with a department mentor, experience from mini-projects and hands-on learning, plus senior leadership exposure and support, Slaubaugh will gain the training and tools she will need to grow into a future business leader at The Stable.

“I’m incredibly thankful for the sheer possibility that comes with the Apprentice role,” said Slaubaugh. “I’m so excited to take it all in and see where I thrive, and to be part of an agency that’s truly end-to-end and will allow me to experience the creative component, but also the strategy, data analysis, and everything in-between. The Stable’s mission and company culture seem like it will mesh really well with my personal values. I want to be a part of things that align with what I believe in – to me, it’s not just a job.”

Slaubaugh brings a nontraditional education path and experience across automotive technology, early childhood education, retail, and community partnerships. In her role with The Stable, she will use her innate leadership skills, project facilitation experience, and strategic problem-solving mentality to help drive value to the agency and its roster of 800+ consumer brand clients.

“This initiative certainly hits home for me and is something I’m extremely passionate about,” said Chad Hetherington, CEO and Co-Founder of The Stable. Hetherington does not hold a college degree and instead, focused on building his career through real-world experience. “I feel there is this enormous pressure that if you didn’t go to college you’re not going to be successful in your career – we want to prove that wrong!”

The Stable plans to continue the #NoCollegeNoWorries program into the future, with another apprentice opportunity coming in October 2022. The agency hopes to turn the program into a movement by encouraging other employers to think outside of the box for how they find new talent.

“I truly believe that equipping motivated people with the right tools and giving them the opportunity for real-world experience, regardless of their educational background, is invaluable for any employer,” Hetherington says “I’m so excited for Grace to join us and I can’t wait to watch her crush it!”

For more information, prospective candidates can follow along on The Stable’s social media platforms or at

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