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There are fewer physical shopping trips taking place than ever before. How are online grocery shoppers discovering and buying products in a post-pandemic world? Hyphen, an award-winning product powered by The Stable, minimizes clicks for shoppers and maximizes conversion for brands through dynamic retailer integrations in a thoughtful UI. Hyphen is the only full-service offering that pairs multi-channel media buying with shoppable ad tech, creating one connected solution.

Today, the Hyphen team is proud to announce the addition of TrueStock to the product’s feature lineup. TrueStock technology is designed to dynamically adjust ads to only show available inventory. By fine-tuning bids based on item availability down to the store level, brands now have the capability to significantly reduce media waste without any additional manual action required, increasing efficiency and improving performance.

“By preventing the promotion of out-of-stock products, we’ve seen brands recover up to 20% or even 30% of their media budget,” said Billy Courtney, Head of Digital Partnerships at The Stable. “Previously that was going in the trash, now with TrueStock, it is intelligently invested to always serve ads to shoppers where products actually exist based on real inventory. It is a better experience for shoppers and it ensures more dollars are working for brands.”

Why does this matter? A recent Shopkik study found that 66% of shoppers will switch brands when faced with an item that’s out of stock. When combined with Hyphen’s ability to automatically substitute unavailable items from a curated list of predetermined alternatives, the customer is more likely to purchase, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty. The continuous optimization delivers a high-impact and seamless shoppable experience that converts shoppers at their points of inspiration.

Backed by a custom API integration, TrueStock has unique access to daily retail inventory data to further educate media campaigns. Direct retailer integrations allow for minimal setup, requiring only a product ID to get the data. TrueStock can even run ads when and where competitor items are unavailable, with price-based triggers to drive substitutions.

“Speed is key to realizing the ROAS boost that OOS optimization gives your campaign. It’s not enough to manually update your campaign a few times as inventory fluctuates,” said Joe Murphy, Vice President of Product at The Stable. “What makes TrueStock powerful is the ability to dynamically update media targeting across all stores on a daily basis.”

TrueStock functionality is currently integrated with Walmart, with additional integrations available soon at retailers like Walgreens and Target. To learn more, visit

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