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We’re proud to share that we are the first NA Scaled agency to become BP Company Certified by Meta in Community Manager and Meta Media.

In June 2022, Meta launched their new pilot program in the U.S. for certification to their most trusted partners. The Stable was one of the first agencies to gain access to this opportunity to be recognized as a Certified Company.

What It Means To Be One of The First Meta Certified Companies

This certification recognizes our organization’s expertise in media and commitment to business growth in partnership with Meta. As described by Meta:

“Earning a Meta Certification on a company level means that your business is recognized by Meta as having proven digital expertise through verified certifications, which can lead to more efficient campaigns. Certified employees are proven to demonstrate increased knowledge, build effective campaigns, and deliver higher quality work. Becoming a Certified Company can open greater opportunities for you to acquire new business. Upskilling your employees continually positions you for success today and in the future of the Metaverse.”

How We Became A Meta Certified Company

To become a Certified Company, our agency had to meet Meta’s employee requirement for a certain percentage of our team holding an active Meta certification in a single focus area. We received these new Meta Company Certifications in two distinct areas: 

  • Media 
  • Community Management 

Our social team exceeded the employee requirement for active certifications due to each of our team members holding a Meta Blueprint Certification. Because of our team’s diligence to continue their education and pursue these individual certifications, there was a clear path to receiving our new Company Certifications. 

“We’re thrilled to become one of the first agencies to be recognized as a Certified Company with Meta! Our social team is always striving to learn more and are true experts in their field. They are the best of the best and our new Meta Certifications showcase just that.” -Savannah Hulsey, Director of Social

Benefits of A Meta Certified Marketing Agency

Being a Meta certified agency means we offer our media clients a high caliber of delivered work and have fine-tuned our expertise in these areas. Through a recent study, Meta found that: 

  • 79% of employers of certified employees say they produce higher quality work and make agencies more credible and innovative.
  • 87% of certified individuals experienced improved knowledge.
  • 53% of certified individuals experienced increased work efficiency.

What This Means For Your Business

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About Us: A Commerce Agency

The Stable is a commerce agency that connects brands and consumers across all channels. Leveraging a full suite of omnichannel capabilities, we drive revenue and efficiency for brands through both retail and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. Backed by data, fueled by insights, and brought to life through world-class sales and operations, creative, digital, and patented technology, we build and execute strategies that acquire customers, create immersive experiences, and scale brands.