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With Shopify being one of the biggest and most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed with the options for designing your websites. The Stable has launched more Shopify websites than any other agency. For the beauty & skincare, retail, and technology brands that we work with, we often recommend Shopify’s Symmetry Theme. Symmetry is one of Shopify’s best themes for a number of reasons. In addition to the aesthetic opportunities it offers, it allows for seamless integrations, design consistency, and more. This post will review the Symmetry Theme and help you learn more about it, along with showing you how The Stable can help you make the most of it.

An Overview of the Symmetry Theme

The Symmetry Theme for Shopify looks modern, clean, and aesthetically pleasing for highlighting products and services. But looking good isn’t the only requirement for the best paid themes for Shopify. Fortunately, the Symmetry Theme has several offerings that help set it apart from other options.

First, the Symmetry theme ensures you present the best view of your product possible. It allows high-resolution images, product videos, quick view, , image rollover, and galleries. These features make it easy for customers to see your product in its best light while also making the user experience seamless. The user experience is further enhanced with features like quick buy, in-store pickups, size charts, and more. These offerings make it easy for customers to check out and convert. Finally, the Symmetry Theme gives you opportunities to increase revenue and conversions with cross-selling, recommended products, and product badges. These features all come standard with Shopify’s Symmetry Theme. Utilizing these features to their full potential can increase conversions, enhance user experience, and make it easier for your business to implement beautiful product pages. 

So, is the Symmetry Theme right for your Shopify site? Read on to learn more.

Top Reasons to Choose Shopify’s Symmetry Theme

Shopify’s Symmetry Theme offers a variety of features and it looks great, but the capabilities of the theme run deeper. Here are some of the top reasons to choose this theme:

  • Component sections
  • Filtering capabilities 
  • Customizations/integrations

Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Component Sections 

The Symmetry Shopify theme has 2.0 capabilities that allow leveraging of a component build process. In other words, you can use sections all over the site instead of remaking a section or component every time you want to add to a page. This ensures your website is consistent and building new sections of your site is as efficient as possible. As Symmetry’s name would imply, the theme ensures that your website design is aligned across all of your pages.

Though the theme has a variety of versatile sections available from the jump, a multitude of useful sections can be designed by a developer. This makes it easy for your in-house team to build pages with the sections your agency creates for you. Also, if there is already an existing designed section your agency has created previously, they can give you access to that as well.

In short, the UI for Symmetry is very customizable and it can be further customized with help from developers at your Shopify website design and development agency.


OS2 sidebar filtering makes your collections and products even easier for customers to browse and access. When your customers can easily filter straight from the sidebar, they can find exactly what they’re looking for, instead of feeling like they’re wasting time scrolling endlessly.

The Symmetry theme enhances the customer experience and streamlines the customer journey with the filtering feature. With filtering enabled, you’ll be able to increase your conversions and average order value. Customers need to be able to quickly find clothes that are their size, beauty products that work for their skin type, and other custom filters to actually find the product they’re wanting. Without filtering, they can get easily overwhelmed with the options and you could lose the conversion opportunity. This is just one reason that Symmetry is the best Shopify theme for skincare products, the best Shopify theme for beauty products, and the best theme for many other industries.

Customizations / Integrations 

Symmetry’s customization options allow you to reduce the number of apps and custom code needed for an eCommerce site. This makes for a speedier and more streamlined site. It also seamlessly integrates with popular apps like Kiwi, Size Chart, Klaviyo, and even custom integrations. 

With the Symmetry Theme, landing pages and CMS pages can be more dynamic and engaging for customers. Some themes can look overly basic and don’t bring out the best in a company’s products. With Symmetry, the customizations and integrations can ensure that your site provides an ideal customer experience for your demographic.

These features are just a few of the factors that set Shopify’s Symmetry Theme apart. Component sections, filtering, and in-depth customizations allow you to truly curate an eCommerce site that represents your brand, makes your products look amazing, and creates a seamless and intuitive customer journey.

Our Experience Designing & Implementing Symmetry 

We have extensive experience customizing the Symmetry Theme. This means we have code snippets and extended functionality that are ready to use right out of the gate. If you decide the Symmetry Theme is right for your eCommerce design and implementation, you launch your eCommerce site sooner and reduce your overall budget, rather than spending time and money on a theme built from scratch.

The Stable can ensure you get the most out of the Symmetry theme when you hire us for your Shopify website design and development. The Stable can build your eCommerce Shopify site however you want, with Symmetry being just one path to take. Our team can handle your Shopify theme design, UX and UI design, website optimizations and insights, and more. Once your site is set up, continue working with The Stable to find out the best way to optimize your eCommerce site and work with our strategists to hit all your targets and KPIs. Reach out when you’re ready to get started.