At The Stable, supporting businesses with diverse backgrounds and lifting up marginalized communities is a priority. This Juneteenth, on a day of recognition, reparation, and celebration, we’re spotlighting eight of our Black-owned brand partners and encouraging others to check them out. Ranging from haircare to healthy snacks, this list has something for everyone! Join us in supporting them with intentional shopping!

In celebration of Juneteenth, our office will be closed on June 20th 2022 to take a moment as a company to pause, reflect and evaluate our intentions moving forward. We not only celebrate this day and what it represents, but seek to observe our impact. 

Junita’s Jar

In July 2018, Junita Flowers founded a new favorite on-the-go snack time indulgent treat with the launch of the brand’s classic white snack packs and the introduction of their message of hope. Whether on-the-go or relaxing for a sweet treat break, Junita’s Jar wants to create an indulgent snack experience that satisfies your cookie cravings and inspires positive change. They’ve sprinkled inspiring messages directly on the pack, inviting you to open up to a bold, new snack time experience. 

Treat yourself and enjoy your favorite cookies available in chocolate chip, oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin and remember…hope munches on.

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Scotch Porter

Founder and CEO of Scotch Porter, Calvin Quallis, was inspired to quit his corporate job to follow his passion for making people feel their best. He started small, opening a barber shop in his neighborhood just as his mother had done when he was a kid. From his kitchen, he began experimenting with botanicals and other ingredients that have not been clinically shown to be toxic or carcinogenic, creating products to solve the problems their customers talked about.

Scotch Porter develops products to enhance the everyday guy’s experience. They’re married to the idea that men should be able to take care of themselves and not have to break the bank. That they shouldn’t have to use products packed with harmful chemicals just to look and feel like a boss.

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More Than Peach

More Than Peach first started as a project and now, by creating products to spread joy, build empathy, and invest in our spaces, it’s become the world’s first multicultural art brand and is a Kid/Woman/Black owned business. Its founder and CEO, 11-year-old Bellen Woodard, was once confused that a single crayon was named “flesh” and that her friends called only the peach crayon “skin color.” She wanted to help grow the language for safer spaces. 

More Than Peach crayons are now being permanently held by the Virginia Museum of History and Culture (VMHC) and the Science History Institute (and more to be announced!). The Virginia General Assembly, Virginia’s legislative body, also passed the “Bellen Bill” in recognition of Bellen’s visionary leadership by way of her More Than Peach Project as well as her shown academic excellence (She is a straight-A student whose love of learning is a key motivator). Owning More Than Peach crayons is owning a piece of history!

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When Thank God It’s Natural CEO, Chris-Tia Donaldson, graduated from Harvard Law School and started her first job at a law firm, she faced a dilemma: How was she going to wear her hair? In an effort to look professional, she began wearing wigs to camouflage her kinky tresses. Frustrated by the lack of products for textured hair, she created Thank God It’s Natural (tgin), because she wanted to use products that made her feel confident about her curls and that were also made with ingredients that she felt comfortable using on her body.

Today, Thank God It’s Natural (tgin) is a manufacturer of natural hair and skin care products, currently sold in Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Sally’s Beauty, and Walgreens.

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NUELE was created by women wanting desperately to have healthy, glowing, well-nourished, manageable hair without using chemical relaxers or keratin treatments. They wanted to be able to show the many sides of hair. Curls one day. Straight the next. They put their heads together with their chemistry and biology backgrounds and voila! NUELE was born. 

Their organic natural ingredients would have to come from places like Ghana and Morocco, where they found local female farmers already harvesting the ingredients that are necessary to make NUELE. By producing NUELE ingredients these female farmers are also boosting their local economies. Now you can purchase a bottle of NUELE knowing that Women’s livelihoods are being positively impacted. 

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Bitsy’s founders, Gabrielle Union, Alex Buckley, and Maggie Patton, are fun-loving, determined moms who want to provide the healthiest options for their kids, while also making sure these options are accessible to all. Their shared experiences and passions led to rolling up their sleeves, researching, testing and tasting then creating real-deal yummy, nutritious snacks for families and kids. Together, they are proud to be a women-owned business that is focused on making healthy and nutritious snacks accessible and affordable to all families. 

Bitsy’s always does a bit more when it comes to their snack—like finding the yummiest, brightest, farm fresh ingredients. These little “bits” add up, like veggies in your snacks, or one kind word. It’s goodness that’s meant to be shared on (and off) the playground, and their way of creating a healthier, brighter world—bit by bit.

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My Skin & Co.

Industry Cosmetics was founded by Corey A. Williams, a second generation celebrity hair stylist, barber, and licensed professional for more than 23 years. In 2006 he opened his own hair salon Industry Hair Studios, a boutique salon of private rooms in Valencia, California. It was here that Corey along with Co-founder Craig Llorens began to unite all of his professional expertise into creating Industry Cosmetics My Skin & Co., a complete product line, for both men and women, dedicated to eradicating skin problems caused by shaving, waxing, tweezing and other forms of hair removal.

My Skin & Co.’s wealth of experience, scientific research and natural ingredients have resulted in a superior formula that keeps your skin smooth, bump free and camera ready at all times. 

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Undefined Beauty

Undefined is Clean, Conscious, Inclusive, Plant Magic. They live at the intersection of wellness meets adaptogens meets purpose-driven conscious capitalism. Their founder’s mission is to “undefine” and democratize beauty and destigmatize plant-based solutions through an unapologetic, uncompromising, unfiltered approach. Wellness shouldn’t be illusive or exclusive—let’s democratize it.

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In this video by Vox, a historian explains the history and significance of the holiday. Vox also provides resources and further reading materials.

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